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Italians just love food. Food and wine is simply part of the Italian culture. Italians love to sit around a table at home or in restaurant and share a good meal together. From childhood on Italians learn to enjoy and appreciate good Italian food.

ByItaly is an Italian food online shop based in Perugia, Italy, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy authentic Italian food at home. We deliver real Italian food to your doorstep.

All over the world it is becoming easier to find a place where you can choose Italian dishes next to your door. But certified, biologic or traditional Italian food products are one of the most cloned in the planet.

Italy itself has one of the best systems of health food and control of food quality, as we count more than 760 certified among the food and wine products. This is why you should choose authentic Italian food from Italy.

You have to be aware: Not every food with an Italian name in your supermarket is real Italian food. is the innovative Italian food store online for consumers who want authentic Italian food. We sell all over the world the traditional Italian food chosen according to a simple criteria: genuine ingredients of the products, strict procedures of methodology of the work chain, limited production according to the natural cycle, brand new and traditional Italian products.

Thanks to ByItaly also small producers are able to reach markets that have been out of range so far. And thanks to ByItaly customers can get Italian delicacies delivered to their doorstep that they could never find in their local supermarket.