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  • Tuna Cream with orange

    Tuna Cream with orange

    Ingredients: tuna fish (44%), extra virgin olive oil, orange juice (22%), salt, black pepper

    Jar: 180gr

    Area of production: Favignana and Trapani, Sicily

    Tips: A delicious combination of  fresh Sicilian oranges and  authentic taste of tuna coming from our seas that makes this delicacy a curious aperitif or, if added to sautéed cherry tomatoes, a great sauce for pasta which will draw the attention of your guests.

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  • Salsa Pomodoro Pizzutello

    Salsa di Pomodoro Pizzutello

    Jar: 330gr

    Ingredients: tomato (97%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, basilic, pepper, sugar

    Origin: Marsala, Sicily

    Storage: 3 years. Keep away from light and heat. Once opened, store it in the fridge and use it within 7 days

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  • italian food Porcini Cream

    Porcini Cream

    Handmade Fresh Porcini Mushroom cream without colorants and preservatives. No dried mushorooms have been used.

    Description: 70% Porcini mushrooms, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, table salt, spices
    Quantity: 180 gr
    Expiry: 30 monhts
    Storage: Store in the fridge once opened, and cover it adding some Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Serving suggestions: Excellent with appetizers and canapés. Ideal condiment for pasta dishes, roasted red and white meat.

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    Pistachio Bronte Sicily

    Italian Pistachio Collection - Limited Edition

    Combo description

    1 Golosa di Bacco - sweet spreadable Pistachio cream in a jar 180gr
    1 Original Pistachio Pesto Original from Bronte in a jar 180gr
    1 Sicilian Pistachio Flour 200gr


    all made with pistachios from Bronte in Sicily !

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  • Bottarga (botargo) - Italian Fish Roe

    Bottarga (botargo) - Italian Fish Roe

    Description: Bottarga di Muggine, mugil eggs (fish roe)
    Net Weight: ca 50 gram
    Expiry: 1 year
    Storage: Store in the fridge once opened

    Serving suggestions: Excellent on top of pasta. 

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