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About ByItaly:

The company ByItaly Download PDF

ByItaly is an online shop based in Perugia, Italy, that brings authentic Italian food and wine to customers all over the world. Thanks to ByItaly also small producers are able to reach markets that have been out of range so far. And thanks to ByItaly customers can get Italian delicacies delivered to their doorstep that they could never find in their local supermarket.

ByItaly was founded in 2012 in Perugia. It started as an enterprise of a small group of friends and has now grown into a online market place that delivers more than 700 products all over the world.

ByItaly also sells wine and spirits from big brands – all made in Italy.


The mission

ByItaly believes in the strength of Italy and our local farmers and their excellent products.

ByItaly establishes a personal relationship with all the suppliers in order to know where the product comes from and to cut out the middle men.

Since ByItaly doesn’t work with industrial food producers our food products sometimes can be sold out. We ask our clients to see this as an evidence of our philosophy.


Adopt an Olive Tree

With the initive “Adopt an olive tree” customers can adopt their own olive tree and get their own olive tree at the end of the year. Adopt.byitaly.com


The markets

ByItaly ships all over the world. The biggest markets so far are the US and UK. But orders arrive also from countries like China, Kazakhstan, Gabon and Australia.  

Nonna approved ByItaly Download PDF

ByItaly has a real Italian grandmother (nonna) – the grandmother of one of the founders Leonardo Pappini – who acts as quality controller.

Anna Mancinelli tries all the food products - the sword fish pate from Sicily as well as the wild boar ragù or the porcini mushroom crème from Umbria. Only if she approves them they are sold on ByItaly.com.

If she doesn’t like the product ? She yells at the young crew.


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