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It is hard to imagine an Italian summer without Limoncello – the typical Italian lemon liqueur. Limoncello has its origin in the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi coast and in Sicily. This is where the bright yellow lemons are transformed into wonderful, refreshing limoncello.

Limoncello is popular all over Italy and the world. Serve it an ice-cold small shot glass – and enjoy!

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  • Vespa gift box - 3 liqueurs

    Vespa gift box - 3 liqueurs

    Limoncello, Caffè liqueur, Grappa Italia: three classics of Italian tradition that stand for happiness, optimism, and friendliness: distinctive Mediterranean characteristics.
    Exhibited in a gift box that reminds you of the shape of the worldwide famous italian scooter from the 50s: Vespa Piaggio style.

    Content: 3 bottles  70cl
    Alcohol: Limoncello 30°alc., Caffè liqueur 21°alc., Grappa Italia 38°alc.

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  • Limoncello "Lemon collection"

    Limoncello "Lemon collection"

    Limoncello “Lemon” is made with raw materials of the highest quality
    Excellent with desserts, sweets, ice cream. Serve very cold.

    Ingredients: alcohol taste, sugar, infusion of lemon peel, spices.
    20cl / 50cl
    Alcohol: 30°alc./vol.

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    Liqueur Limoncello Limoncè

    Limoncello Limoncè

    Bottle: 0.70L
    Alcohol by volume: 25%
    Classified: lemon flavoured
    Ingredients: lemon, alchool, acid citric, sugar
    Tips: drink smooth or with ice
    Presentation: glass bottle

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    Limoncello - Verdello Of Bonollo

    Limoncello - Verdello Of Bonollo

    Bottle: 70cl
    Alcohol: 32%
    Description: liquor with infusion of Verdello Lemons from Sicily
    Producer: Of Bonollo
    Tips: Perfect fresh after a meal, excellent in every season.

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