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  • Rocket salad sauce

    Rocket salad pesto

    Description: 80% wild rocket from Italian hills, extra virgin olive oil, table salt
    Net Weight: 180 gr
    Expiry: 4 years
    Storage: Store in the fridge once opened, and cover it adding some extra virgin olive oil
    Serving suggestions: Excellent with appetizers and canapés, Italian risotto and as toppings on Crostino (crunchy fresh toasted bread)

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  • Tuscan Bruschetta "Italiana Natura"

    Tuscan Bruschetta

    Ingredients: Chicken liver 60%, onion, carrot, celery, olive oil, capers, anchovy paste, garlic, sea salt, sage and black pepper.

    Jar: 200gr

    Serving suggestions: Excellent spreadable cream for appetizers and canapés, matching with a glass of red wine.


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  • Legionnaire’s Spelt "Italiana Natura"

    Good Luck Lentils "Italiana Natura" 500g



    description:The lentil is a legume known since ancient times, much cultivated for the edible grain, high in protein. is a herbaceous annual plant, 20 to 70 cm high, whose stems are straight and branched. The flowers, corolla papilionacea typical of the subfamily Faboideae, are white or pale blue, and in clusters of two to four. The summer flowering occurs between May and July.

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  • Ribollita Campagnola "Italiana Natura"

    Ribollita Campagnola "Italiana Natura" 300g

    Traditional countryside Soup, contains the best vegetable selection and its ingredients make it an healthy and balanced dish fat-free.

    Ingredients: Cannellini beans, beans grat Northern, pinto beans, kidney beans crown, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated tomatoes, dehydrated celery, leek, onion and parsley.

    Serving suggestions: Excellent with toasted bread.

    Ribollita is a typical Tuscan “poor” soup made with dried bread and vegetables, very common especially in the area of Florence. Its name comes from the habbits of italian farmers who used to cook it a lot (especially on Friday) as it was a light dish. These mixed vegetables and legumes were “stewed” during the following days. Like all other vegetable soups, Ribollita becomes even more tasty when boiled over and over on fire.

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