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Calamarata Rigata "Italiana Natura" 500g

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This special pasta is produced with raw materials of pure quality, semolina selected with a greater proportion of gluten.

To guarantee the craftsmanship of the pasta, Italiana Natura follows strich rules.


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    Calamarata pasta  
    Pistachio pesto
    Green beans
    3 table spoon of fresh cream
    1 clove of garlic  
    1/2 chili pepper
    Parmigiano Cheese
    Black pepper

    1- First put on fire min.5 liters of cold water. Apart of it, boil the green beans for 8 minutes, cut them in little pieces (3cm), stir fry in a pan with butter, garlic and half red dry chili, a bit of salt and pepper.
    2- As soon as it's cool down put the pistachio pesto on the beans and amalgamate.  
    3- Add the fresh cream (add pasta water if results dry).
    4- As soon as the water is at the highest temperature (boiling strong) put 1 and a half table spoon of salt, meanwhile it's time to put in the pasta!! turn often and check the cooking state of pasta every 2/3 minutes:you don't want miss the “al dente “point!!
    5- Drain and skip the pasta with the sauce in the pan, add pasta water if it comes out too dry, add Parmigiano cheese and 1 spoon of butter (..makes it more creamy). serve quicky!

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