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Pavesini 200g Zoom

Pavesini Pavesi 200g

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Pavesini classic is born from the tradition of biscuits of Novara, made famous by the experience Pavesi and still cooked on baking paper! Since its inimitable taste, Pavesini is the ideal snack for any time of day.

Pavesini is mostly used for preparing Traditional Tiramiù  Recipe (see down below).


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    Traditional Tiramiù  Recipe:


    150gr.iceing shugar
    6 eggs
    40dl.espresso coffee
    24 pavesini cookies
    powder cocoa

    Step by step:

    1-divide egg yolk from the egg white,

    2-take a salad bowl(round undernith edges)and mount the egg yolk with the aceing shugar,untill it results creamy,

    3-add the mascarpone to the egg cream and amalgamate delicatly,

    4-a part of it take 3 egg white and mount them,add a drizzle ok salt that makes them stonger,

    5-join the mount white egg to the mascarpone cream,this needs to be done softly to avoid that the cream implodes,

    6-get a pan and put the coffee'inside,sink quickly the bisquits and put them for your tiramisu'base in a glass pirofile or inside single portions


    7-alternate one lay of bisquits and one of cream,in total 4 lays(2 of bisquits 2 of cream)

    8-guarnish with cocoa powder and serve


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