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Italian Dried Tomatoes Zoom

Italian Dried Tomatoes

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Sterile box: 150gr

Taste: typical of tomato dried under the sun

Serving suggestions: Excellent as appetizer and on main courses

Expire date: 2 years

The dried tomatoes are a culinary specialty of southern Italy, from a preservation technique that has very ancient origins and that allows you to save part of their crop of tomatoes for the winter.

The tomatoes are picked at maximum ripeness. The nicest one in shape get dried. They are washed and cut in half, placed on big trays and exposed to the sun. Then, the tomatoes are salted, covered with safety nets and placed under the sun until dry.


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Product Description


    Sundried tomatos maccheroni:

    500gr.maccheroni pasta(or calamarata)
    150gr.sundryed tomatos
    Extravirgin olive oil
    1 garlic clove
    10 leaves fresh basil
    50gr.pine nuts or sunflover seeds


    1-Cut the tomato in fine slyces and put them under seed oil for min.12 hours,that make them softer and easyer to work with.
    2-Put on fire min.4 liters of water.apart of it take a small and high container and start too create your pesto.
    3-Drain the tomatos and put 6 table spoon of extravirgin olive oil on the bottom of the container,put the oil soaked slyced tomatos and the basil leaves,add the pine nuts and the almonds,and 1/2         clove ofgarlic,
    4-Fill to the same level of the tomatos with extra virgin olive oil and start to minipimer the compost untill it results creamy,add 2/3 table spoon of water if necessary.enjoy!
    5-As soon as the water is at his highest temperature(boiling strong)put 1 and half table spoon of salt(better if it is trapani integral salt)meanwhile it's time to put in the pasta!turn often and check the cooking state of the maccheroni every 2/3 minuts:you don't want miss the "al dente"point.
    6-Before you drain keep a bit of pasta water.
    7-Drain and put the maccheroni in a bowl,add your dried tomatos pesto amalgamate togheter,enjoy  




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