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Italian Carpaccio of Black Summer Truffle Zoom

Carpaccio of Black Summer Truffle

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Supreme carpaccio of finest black summer truffles.

Ingredients: Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt), sunflower oil, salt
Size: jar 50gr
Area of production: Umbria, Italy
Tips: Ideal with scrumble eggs, pasta, risotto


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    4 medium size pork chops

    50gr black truffle's carpaccio  

    5 Sage leaves   

    Extra-Virgin olive oil  



    1- Grill or pan fry the pork chops for about 6/7 minutes each side, add olive oil and the sage.
    2- As soon as the pork chops are ready (crispy both sides), take of from the grill or pan.
    3- Add the black truffle carpaccio and Extra-Virgin olive oil on the pork chops. Serve and Enjoy!

    Precious Black Truffle (from Norcia)
    It has the scientific name Tuber Melaosporum Vitt, and is also known as Norcia or Spoleto truffle, or as truffe de Perigord by the French. It has a fairly regular and round shape with polygonal warts. The external blackish-brown colour is tinged rusty-red when rubbed. The flesh or “gleba” has a light colour. The smell is intense, aromatic and fruity.
    It grows in hilly and mountainous areas in symbiosis with common hazel, sessile oak and English oak trees. It is considered the most valuable truffle, after the white truffle, and is a star of international cuisine. The harvest period is from December to March.
    Wherever black truffles are found, vegetation is scarce. Near the trees grass is sparse due to the presence of mycelium.
    A particular fly may also be seen, the Anisotoma Cinnamomea, that usually lays its eggs close to truffles.

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