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Cuore Antico - Whole Sea Salt Zoom

Cuore Antico - Whole Sea Salt

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Jar: 200gr - sea whole salt

Ingredients: sun, sea, wind, heart!

Location: the oldest protected "WWF Salt Reserve of Trapani", Salinagrande, Sicily

Product: from the experience of four generations of the family, Cuor di Sale is "White Gold": naturally pure, unwashed, not dry and free from anti-caking agents, it combines what are all the trace elements needed by the human body. Limited quantity, hand picked.

Preservation of tradition: with the purchase of this salt, you also help to preserve the magical environment of the salt pans of Trapani. The salt pans run as traditional Salinagrande continue to survive only thanks to the sale of their products.

Tips: this salt adds flavor more than common table salt. Cuor di sale means use less salt !!!


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Product Description


    Difference betwen whole salt and industrial salt

    There so many table slat in the market, from the most miraculous ownerships, and in the most fanciful colors… it 's not up to me to decide what the best is, and whether to purchase or not. the truth is thatno salt is miraculous. So watch out a lot before buying one, and read the label and contents. The creation and the amplification of this business has instigated a real “fashion”. A lot of people speculate every day using new pay-off messages to eat healthy. The quality of a depends on how it has been “cultivated”, the geographical areas where it is produced as well as the quality of the water from where it is obtained.

    How to choose a whole salt from Trapani?

    The most common mistake people makes when are talking about the whole salt is to expect a gray coloured salt and not white. The salt is by nature pure white, sometimes can show a pinky color but still very clear. Many tend to associate the concept of dark as whole, this rule does not apply with salt. So, if you are offered whole salt and shows gray/dark aspects, beware … it’s just a dirty salt. Another important characteristic is to control the moisture.

    The whole salt is always very humid. If you realize the salt is dry it means is produced in industrial methods. The reason why the whole salt is moist will depends from the high amount of magnesium. this feature is reduced considerably in the process of industrial salt production. Nor does the warranty IGP Trapani Sea Salt can help you with the best quality choice because the specification of the “IGP Salt of Trapani” guarantees only the origin of the place and certifies the salt is washed and dried.

    Another very important element is how to choose a quality sea salt from Trapani, if bought directly from the manufacturers, or, if you rely on representatives make sure to have clear the connection with its production. The money you spend to buy the variety of salt is also invested to purchase packing materials, labor and for the maintenance of the saline, which are very expensive to maintain. By doing this you will help to preserve this magnificent and unique environment. Be careful, because the “ripoffs” are way more than you can imagine.

    If interested, we recommend to read more at: www.salineditrapani.com

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