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Italian GrappaEspecially in Northern Italy you often end a meal with a grappa. It is a grape-Based pomace bandy with an alcohol content between 35 % and 60%. Grappa is made by distilling the skins, pulp, seeds and stems of the grape. Its strong taste is characteristic.

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    Moscato Ligneum Bonollo and Nero Chocolate

    Moscato Ligneum Bonollo and Nero Chocolate

    The most aromatic personality of Moscato combined with dark chocolate

    Packaging: elegant case
    Description: Moscato aged grappa, intense aromaticity
    Bottle: 70cl
    Alcohol: 42%

    Drink consciously!!

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  • Finest Fragolino Nonino since 1897

    Il Fragolino Nonino since 1897

    Aromatic liquor:  It is reminiscent of blueberries and forest fruit.
    Features: Primary product
    Nonino's harvested Fragolino grapes at the correct level of ripeness.
    Alcoholic content: 38% vol
    Serving temperature: about 12°C or in an ice glass with an open tulip shape.





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  • bonollo amarone grappa barrique

    Grappa Amarone Barrique - Bonollo with gift case

    Bottle: 0.70L

    Alcohol by volume: 42%

    Classified: Amarone della Valpolicella DOC

    Tips: drink smooth or with ice - drink responsably!

    Presentation: glass bottle, Package includes elegant black case with copper foil.



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  • Cleopatra Moscato Oro Poli

    Cleopatra Moscato Oro Poli

    Enjoy and drink consciously!

    Raw material: marc Moscato Orange flower and Moscato Bianco Colli euganei
    Distillation: Crysopea with the innovative vacuum still in a water bath, with column-free dishes, working at discontinuous cycle (traditional method).
    Aroma: flowery meadow, fresh fruit and citrus, honey and confectionery
    Taste: smooth, clean, very elegant
    Alcohol: 40% vol.
    Bottle: 700ml
    Serving temperature: 10/15°C

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  • Grappa di Brunello - Magnum

    Grappa di Brunello - Magnum 150cl

    Alchool 42 ° alc. / Vol.
    Appereance: Transparent color that gives off an ethereal scent, this grappa is noble and well structured.
    Aroma: unique set of flavors typical of the wine Brunello itself.
    Taste sensations dry, but smooth,  
    Serving temperature: 12 ° C.

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