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Dried Porcini Mushrooms Zoom

Dried Porcini Mushrooms

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Sterile box: 200gr

Taste: typical of porcini mushrooms with an intense aroma

Serving suggestions: Excellent dressing for pasta and main courses of meat

Expiry date: 2 years


Availability: In stock

Product Description


    "Porcino" is the common name of some species of mushrooms of the genus Boletus, often classified in four species of boletes (the section of the genus Boletus Edules) belonging to Boletus edulis and having vaguely similar morphological and organoleptic .

    Some mycologist has come to make twelve different species, discriminating according to the environments of birth, trees symbionts, the microscopic and macroscopic characteristics (shape, color and proportions of the fruiting body).

    But the species encoded by the current and mycology experts are able to recognize at first sight for their appearance clearly different, there are four:

    Boletus edulis, Bulliard: Fries - popular names: brisa bastard, fungus stain, moccicone, september
    Boletus aereus, Bulliard: Fries - popular names: bronzed, black fungus, mushroom broom moreccio, brush, real (Sardinia)
    Boletus aestivalis (ex reticulatus) (Paulet) Fries - popular names: ceppatello, estatino, white fungus, stataiolo
    Boletus pinophilus (ex pinicola), Pilát & Dermek - popular names: red head, mushroom cold, porcine pines.

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