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Orange Honey Zoom

Citrus Honey

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Mediterranean plants, bloom in May. The crystallized honey has a creamy, ivory white. The intense aroma, fine aroma reminiscent of flowers of the fruit.

Serving suggestions: Caciocavallo Podolico, Ragusa PDO Maiorchino.



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    The Italian honey smells of sun, flowers, land and sea . It is a true force of nature, the engine and the fuel of the Mediterranean diet . And it is a real delicacy, simple and healthy , valuable ally for a correct and balanced thanks to the presence of fructose , which gives honey a higher sweetening power to refined sugar , but also a source of energy that our body can take longer.

    health benefits:

    - Respiratory: decongestant and soothing natural cough .
    - Muscles : increased physical strength and endurance , particularly suitable for those who do sports
    - Heart : cardiotropa action .
    - Liver: protective and detoxifying .
    - Digestive system: protective action , stimulating and regulating .
    - Kidneys : diuretic action .
    - Blood: anti-anemic action .
    - Bones : fixation of calcium and magnesium.
    - Anti-aging action .

    In the line of Italian honeys Byitaly of well-being and throat blend ! REAL PIECES OF FRESH FRUIT join the sweetest honey Italian 100% natural in a unique combination of new and innovative . And for foodies , why not try the irresistible temptation offered by the Italian black truffles , dipped in pure honey ? A real treat for the palate , it goes to all kinds of cheeses, creamy and seasoned , and main dishes. It is a very sophisticated and very refined, a true treasure of the Italian soil .

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