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Balsamico & more: The most famous Italian vinegar is “aceto baslamico”. The older the balsamico, the more intensive the taste. Try it on your salad, on oven roasted radicchio or on oranges.

But we also have some other precious vinegars to offer. Sometimes it takes a few drops to make a dish special.

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    Modena Traditional Vinegar DOP Stravecchio

    Modena Traditional Vinegar DOP - 25 years

    Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, comparable to a Balsamic aged at least 25 years old, the typical drip bottle is a very rare and valuable product.

    Packaging: 100ml
    Production area: Emilia-Romagna nad Mantua
    Characteristic: a very limited rare product dedicated to whom it really want to try the pure essence of vinegar

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