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Italian spices and herbs are essential to cook an italian dish. Just as a house needs a basement to stand on. They are healthy and colorful, able to enrich the taste of any dish you want to cook. We suggest you to try our mix of Italian herbs and spices, natural and with no additives. Get ready and enjoy them!

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  • Pour Pistachio's Flour in a jar

    Sicilian Pistachio Flour

    Ingredients: 100% pistachio

    Jar: 200gr

    Area of production: Bronte, Volcano Etna

    Net weight: 100gr

    Tips: Use this wonderfull pistachio from Sicily for fish and meat dishes, or ontop of pasta.

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  • Sale
    Tomato Bruschetta Mixed Spices

    Tomato Bruschetta Mixed Spices

    Ingredients: Tomato, garlic, oregano, onion, salt, carrot and celery.
    Serving suggestions: Perfect blend of herbs and spices for seasoning bruschetta. Just toast a few bread slices. Out Extra virgin olive oil and the spices on top.
    Packaging: sterile plastic bag
    Content: 100 gr

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  • Sicilian crumbled Oregano

    Sicilian crumbled Oregano

    Ingredients: oregano

    Net weight: 30gr  

    Expiring date: 2 years

    Made in Italy: Trapani, Sicily - Antichi sapori di Sicilia

    Characteristic: finest quality of italian oregano from Sicilian mountains.

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  • Cuore Antico - Whole Sea Salt

    Cuore Antico - Whole Sea Salt

    Jar: 200gr - sea whole salt

    Ingredients: sun, sea, wind, heart!

    Location: the oldest protected "WWF Salt Reserve of Trapani", Salinagrande, Sicily

    Product: from the experience of four generations of the family, Cuor di Sale is "White Gold": naturally pure, unwashed, not dry and free from anti-caking agents, it combines what are all the trace elements needed by the human body. Limited quantity, hand picked.

    Preservation of tradition: with the purchase of this salt, you also help to preserve the magical environment of the salt pans of Trapani. The salt pans run as traditional Salinagrande continue to survive only thanks to the sale of their products.

    Tips: this salt adds flavor more than common table salt. Cuor di sale means use less salt !!!

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  • Italian Dried Tomatoes

    Italian Dried Tomatoes

    Sterile box: 150gr

    Taste: typical of tomato dried under the sun

    Serving suggestions: Excellent as appetizer and on main courses

    Expire date: 2 years

    The dried tomatoes are a culinary specialty of southern Italy, from a preservation technique that has very ancient origins and that allows you to save part of their crop of tomatoes for the winter.

    The tomatoes are picked at maximum ripeness. The nicest one in shape get dried. They are washed and cut in half, placed on big trays and exposed to the sun. Then, the tomatoes are salted, covered with safety nets and placed under the sun until dry.

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  • Herbs for Salad

    Herbs for Salad

    Sterile box: 100gr

    Ingredients: Onion, salt, sage, Tuscan spices, garlic, chives, oregano and curcuma.

    Serving suggestions: Ideal blend of herbs and spices for seasoning salad.

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  • Grilled Meat

    Grilled Meat

    Jar: 100gr

    Ingredients: Salt, garlic, rosemary, bay leaf, sage, marjoram, fennel, juniper and thyme.

    Serving suggestions: Ideal mix of herbs to add flavor to grilled meat.

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  • Chilli Whole

    Chili Whole

    Sterile box: 100gr

    Ingredients: Whole hot chili peppers.

    Serving suggestions: Excellent dressing for pasta dishes and grilled meat and fish.

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  • Chilli Crushed

    Crushed Chili

    Sterile box: 100gr

    Ingredients: Crushed chili.

    Serving suggestions: Excellent dressing for pasta dishes and grilled meat and fish.

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  • Grilled Fish

    Grilled Fish

    Sterile box: 100gr

    Ingredients: Sea salt, parsley, garlic, oregano, rosemary and bay leaf.

    Serving suggestions: Ideal mix of herbs to add flavor to grilled fish.

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  • Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

    Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

    Sterile box: 100gr

    Ingredients: Tomato, pepper, carrot, onion, bacon, garlic and celery.

    Serving suggestions: Excellent dressing for pasta dishes.

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