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25 % OFF: Rupebianca Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Itrana 50cl

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Net Weight: 50cl

Monocultivar: Itrana

Absence of defects: fruitiness medium / intense

Color: Intense green

Nose: The nose opens powerfully with hints of pure freshly cut grass: grass field, chicory freshly harvested

Taste: Hints bullies that envelop the palate, especially while "stripping" the top, it brings the sweet spiciness to lap up the nose. Besides the excellent viscosity, you can smell hints of celery.


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Product Description


    Byitaly propose to the world only the best quality extra virgin olive oils produced every year considering the healty properties of the product itself, the natural environmnet where the olive trees grow and the care of the producers in making it.

    Why Rupebianca Value:

    - Limited annual quantity of olive oil Monocultivar Itrana. It has successfully passed our tests, and here you can download the analysis certificate of organolectic elements.
    - The harvest is still by hand picking together with the help of facilitators.
    - The extraction is carried out within 24 hours of collection in a local mill in a continuous cycle at controlled temperature.
    - The cultivation of Itrana olive trees has been practicing in Cori (Lazio) for more than 2000 years, even Virgilio mentioned it in the Aeneid.

    Tasting notes:

    The strength of the oil Itrana is the freshness and pleasantness of fruity, accompanied by a great elegance and a good balance in the mouth.
    The scents remind grass oil, tomato leaf, artichoke, fresh almond. It goes well with dishes of vegetables, fish and shellfish.
    Rupebianca the name stems from the desire to represent our product in reference to the characteristic shape of rocky land that produces it.

    Official Organoleptic Analysis:

    Acidity: 0,4% (Reg.CEE 2568/1991 e followings updates, it states that the maximum amount of acidy to ceretify an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 0,8%).
    Number of peroxides:
    10,27 meq 02/kg (Reg.CEE 2568/1991 e followings updates, it states that the maximum amount of peroxides to ceretify an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 20 meq 02/kg).

    How to recognize an excellent Olive Oil:

    1- Pour into a glass a small quantity of oil, cover with one hand and warm it with the palm of the other hand.

    2- Remove the hand covering the glass and bring it to the base of the nose breathing intermittently so as not to accustom the taste buds. At this stage, try to remember the smells and fruity (scent reminiscent of just pressed olives) that can be light, medium, heavy.

    3- Set in the mouth for a few seconds a quantity of oil equal to about 8-10 drops. Inhale air from the mouth without drain the oil in the throat. Fate spin the oil in the mouth to put it in contact with all the taste buds. At this stage you pay attention to the type and the order in which they occur sensory stimuli: those that include tactile smoothness, texture and oiliness, to those taste: sweet, bitter, spicy.

    Attributes and positive feelings:

    Bitter: characteristic taste of oil from green olives.
    Spicy: stinging sensation characteristic of oils produced at the beginning of maturation.
    Green grass: flavor reminiscent of the smell of freshly mown
    Artichoke: flavor reminiscent of the taste of the most tender part of the artichoke.
    Sweet: attribute oils flavor not very marked, of faint aroma, delicate.
    Flowers: delicate flavor of white or yellow flowers, gives a delicate flavor oil.
    Fruity: flavor which brings to mind the smell and taste of a healthy, fresh fruit. May prove capable of strong, medium or light.
    Almond: typical flavor of almonds, fresh or dried. It is appreciated as retro-olfactory sensation and is typically associated with sweet oils.

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