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Balsamic Vinegar with truffle Zoom

Balsamic Vinegar with truffle

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Delicate black glaze that combines the flavor of balsamic vinegar, the sublime taste of the truffle.

Ingredients: vinegar, grape must (concentrated and cooked), sugar, truffle aroma
Total Acidity: 6%.
Zone of production: Umbria, Italy
Size: 60ml (Glass Bottle)


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Product Description


    Precious White Truffle
    With the scientific name Tuber Magnatum Pico, it is the truffle par excellence due to its commercial importance. It is also known as Alba or Piedmont truffle (Montferrat and Langhe) as it is widespread in this region, but it can also be found in great quantities in several areas of central Italy (Umbria, Marche, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Molise). Alba gave it its name, but it is present in the Montferrat, Langhe and Roero areas in the Piedmont region as well as in the Turinese hills.
    It has a globular and irregular shape, with depressions on the peridium. The outer surface is smooth and slightly velvety. The colours range from pale ochre, to dark cream or greenish. Its flesh or “gleba” is unmistakably white and greyish-yellow, with faint white veins. Its pleasant aroma distinguishes it from the garlicky smell of other truffles. It lives in symbiosis with oaks, lime trees, poplars and willows and is rarely found next to other truffles.
    In order to grow and develop the white truffle requires special soil and climatic conditions: The ground must be soft and wet most of the year, be rich in calcium and have good air circulation. These types of soil are consequently hard to find and it is these environmental factors that explain why white truffles are so rare and sought after. They are harvested from September to December.
    Precious Black Truffle (from Norcia)
    It has the scientific name Tuber Melaosporum Vitt, and is also known as Norcia or Spoleto truffle, or as truffe de Perigord by the French. It has a fairly regular and round shape with polygonal warts. The external blackish-brown colour is tinged rusty-red when rubbed. The flesh or “gleba” has a light colour. The smell is intense, aromatic and fruity.
    It grows in hilly and mountainous areas in symbiosis with common hazel, sessile oak and English oak trees. It is considered the most valuable truffle, after the white truffle, and is a star of international cuisine. The harvest period is from December to March.
    Wherever black truffles are found, vegetation is scarce. Near the trees grass is sparse due to the presence of mycelium.
    A particular fly may also be seen, the Anisotoma Cinnamomea, that usually lays its eggs close to truffles.
    Summer Black Truffle (Scorzone)
    With the scientific name of Tuber Aestivum Vitt it can reach a considerable size and is similar in appearance to the black truffle.
    The outer surface has dark-brown pyramidal warts and an intense aroma, but when cut the gleba does not darken (as with the precious black truffle) but instead tends toward dark yellow. It grows in both sandy and clayey soils, in broadleaf woods, as well as in pine groves. It is highly appreciated and is used in the production of sausages and sauces. The harvest period is from May to December.
    Bianchetto (Marzuolo) Truffle
    With the scientific name Tuber Borchii Vitt it is a truffle that is traditionally very sought after in Tuscany, Romagna and Marche, even though its commercial value is lower than the white truffle.
    Externally, it starts out resembling the Tuber Magnatum, as it is irregular, smooth and off-white, but it is darker when ripe. The gleba also starts off with a lighter colour and then darkens. Its aroma distinguishes it from the white truffle, as it is initially delicate and pleasant, but over time becomes stronger and more garlicky. It grows in calcareous soils and, usually, in broadleaf and conifer woods. The harvest period is from January to March.

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