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Senso Rosso - Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP Zoom

Senso Rosso - Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP

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Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.G.P. balanced and full value from the simple sugar.

Packaging: 250ml
Production area: Emilia-Romagna
Tips: It is suitable for matching balance with the flavors of the oil, is ideal for salads, vinaigrette erudite and sophisticated or intense.




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    The use of modern equipement to produce vinegar did not affect the traditional expertise, result of years of activity.
    As for wine vinegar, there mainly are three production methods:

    - Static fermentation. The barrel filling hole is left open, covered by a simple wide weaved canvas, as to let acetic bacteria to attract oxygen inside to support transformation. The liquid is let settling for some months at an ideal 29°C temperature. It is then removed from the barrel, leaving about 15% inside, to be used for the following production.

    - Chip low fermentation. A big wood vat is used, set as to have grid shelves inside, where to lay wood chips. Such a porous material works as a supporting lung for acetic bacteria. Along the barrel walls starting from a certain heights, a series of holes are opened as to allow bacteria to attract the required oxygen. The wine from the bottom is pumped and sprayed from the top. Thus the contact surface between the liquid and acetic bacteria is increased, cutting transformation times. The product is finally not entirely tapped from the barrel but it is partially left inside the vat to be used for the following production batch.

    - Rapid or submerse fermentation. A stainless steel 316 container is used, fitted with a turbine on its bottom, as to let forced air in. Air is mixed with wine and bacteria. Bacteria rapidly work being suspended in their main element, wine alcohol at a presence of a consistent quantity of oxygen. At the end of the transformation, the product is tapped letting a small quantity inside for the following production batch. The product is then sold to conserve and sauce producers.

    Any processing is constantly controlled and managed by qualified and expert staff, as to produce a top quality vinegar and finally checking that the result complies with the company fame.


    Vinegar in Mantua and Emilia-Romagna is a tradition dating back in time, inherited from father to son among vinegar producers. The turning point of such a fantastic tradition was 1962. At the time Giorgio Mengazzoli had a dream: controlling the secular handicraft tradition in Mantua and exporting it outside the city boundaries, all over Italy and worldwide.

    Thus simply and spontaneously as all the best things, Acetificio Mengazzoli started a prideful growth. A long time elapsed and Giorgio was followed by his daughter Elda and son Cesare, and production was diversified from wine to apple vinegars, to the balsamic vinegar creams to Mostagri, from salts to flavoured vinegars, but passion and bent of people constantly working and accurately selecting raw materials are always the same, developed and improved with the company and its supporters.

    New technologies played a leading role in getting the best raw materials combined with handicraft, healthy and controlled production as at the company origins, but as the same time improving quantities and Mengazzoli branded product distribution all over the world. At present such a noble product of the Italian tradition is available in Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas and Oceania.

    But there still is a dream, constantly enforced with the Acetificio with the bent and passion of workers and mainly with the awareness and acceptance paid in time by new and old customers as well.

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